The world is changing.

We have been hearing about a “new normal” – the life we left behind before the lockdown will no longer exist when we all come out.

But, amidst an unprecedented historical process (at least for our generation) how can you imagine the future? We are four researchers and strategists, but we do not have that answer.

We believe the current condition is a cautionary scenario – to contain the virus and understand its legacy. We, like most of you, are coming across a great deal of content regarding the pandemic and feeling a bit lost in this huge information flow.

In fact, there is a new term becoming popular: infodemic, as the pandemic was also about ideas. For this reason, we believe a content curatorship is the best contribution that we can make.

We understand the process we are experiencing, in the perspective of a global society, is an accelerator of behaviors that were already being developed. In this sense, we have built an information hub so that, in a few months’ time, we can look at the big picture and, finally, understand the path we have taken to a new reality.

our content is divided in three pillars:

Tracking of initiatives related to the pandemic: how governments, companies, and society are acting, organized by area of impact, sector or country.

Selection of free research and trend reports produced by agencies and consultancies around the world.

Collection of concepts, ideas, and innovations that help us to navigate in this ocean of uncertainty.