Stone launches a campaign and several initiatives to help small businesses impacted by the pandemic

Performed by: Stone

Country: Brazil

In March 2020, Brazilian payments company Stone launched the #CompreLocal (#BuyLocal, translated literally) campaign, an initiative to mobilize as many people as possible to make their purchases in local small businesses. The campaign has a platform on which small retailers can advertise their business to the community and where several online tools are made available so they can acquire a new sales channel and remain active during quarantine.

The company also announced a series of measures that help businesses that have been suspended by the government from on-site activities to cut costs and increase cash flow. Among the initiatives are:

– Exemption from the monthly rent of payment machines in the period in which the Stone believes to be the most critical for the cases of Covid-19.

– Provision of additional equipment at no cost for delivery operations.

– Offer of R$ 100 million in microcredit.

– Discount on the fee to anticipate receivables. The fee, charged so that the retailer can get ant anticipation of the payments made in the credit mode, traditionally passed on 30 days after the sale is made, will be reduced by 25%.


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