Covid Art Museum: The world’s first art museum born during the Covid-19 quarantine

Performed by: Civil Society

Country: Spain – World

CAM emerged to bring together paintings, collages, photographs and montages that have been influenced by this moment. With museums closed and millions living life without leaving home, new images are emerging to mark these times and also as a reflection that shows the impact of the epidemic on many artists.

Behind the initiative are the trio Emma Calvo, Irene Llorca and José Guerrero, from Barcelona. The selection criterion was to choose works that are made in the quarantine period, that transmit and reflect what we are all experiencing and feeling. That is why they were not limited to any technique. They post all types of art, be it illustrations, photographs, paintings, drawings, animations, videos etc.

The three advertisers search online and, today, they also receive proposals from creatives from around the world through Instagram. The proposal is that, in the future, when this becomes part of the history of the world, people will be able to discover how artists expressed themselves during this period.