Did they help? – Find out how a company or celeb behaved during the Coronavirus pandemic

Performed by: Volunteers / Civil Society

Country: United Kingdom / Worldwide

Did They Help was created with the mission of documenting all the good and bad actions that companies and public figures did during this period of the pandemic. A comprehensive and maintained database available without online sponsorship, so people can make better and more informed decisions in the future about where they spend their money and who they invest in.

The site classifies as “Heroes” those companies and high profile people who made positive changes and actions to support employees and society during COVID, and “Zeroes” those whose actions may have had a negative impact.

They hope to go beyond the Coronavirus pandemic in the future and classify companies and public figures on other global issues, such as global warming, child labor and more. However, for now, the focus is specifically on notable actions taken during the Covid-19 pandemic.