Free virtual consultations from female doctors in Pakistan

Performed by: Sehat Kahani

Country: Pakistan

Sehat Kahani is using a virtual telemedicine and video consultation platform that allows previously home-based and out of work female doctors, popularly known as “doctor Brides” in Pakistan to resume work from the comfort of their homes and provide health consultations, treatment and counselling to patients in need of affordable, accessible, quality health care in Pakistan and beyond.

The main features of the application allows a patient to record their health history, chat, or conduct an audio/video consultation with an available network of qualified online female general physicians & specialists. Patients can also obtain a prescription, and are provided with the facility of an at home pharmacy delivery and lab tests, in limited areas, to increase convenience for people who work hard to make ends meet for their families.

Sehat Kahani aims to provide affordable and quality healthcare to marginalised communities.