Supermarket installs “arm handles” that allow customers to open refrigerators without the use of hands

Performed by: Pão de Açúcar

Country: Brazil

In June 2020, Brazilian supermarket chain Pão de Açúcar installed “arm handles” in front of the freezers and refrigerators in its stores so that people could open these without using their hands.

To use them, customers positions their forearm up to the elbow in the handle, whose design was created especially so that it is possible to open the equipment without use of the hands. The “arm handle” was an innovation developed by Pão de Açúcar in partnership with suppliers.

According to the company, by the end of July 2020, all Pão de Açúcar stores should have the innovation, as a way to reinforce preventative measures against Covid-19.

Initiative spotted by Juliana Martins from @tendancesnews


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