Post Covid-19: A Brand Blueprint for the Future by Beyond Research

Company: Beyond Research

Content in: English

Launched in May 2020, Post Covid-19: A Brand Blueprint for the Future is a report developed by Beyond Research in Italy, together with research companies and researchers from 17 other countries, which analyzes the human reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic and provides practical advice on how brands can position themselves now and in the future.

According to the company, the population adopts 4 different ways of facing the moment, based on behavioral archetypes, which are categorized as “The Innocent Victim”, “The Jester”, “The Warrior” or “The Common Man”. And it suggests that brands can position themselves according to the response of their target audience to better meet their needs during the pandemic, providing examples.

The company also suggests a fifth position, “The Springboard” that can be adopted by brands to become more relevant in the post-pandemic scenario.

In addition to the report, Beyond Research held a webinar explaining the material’s main insights.

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