Sacadas a Mostra: Project creates “virtual balcony” to promote independent artists during quarantine

Performed by: Samoel Junqueira + Pedro Arvati + Victor Souza

Country: Brazil

Because of the closure of bars and the cancellation of events and shows due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the work of independent artists was highly impacted.

However, during the quarantine period, music and other artistic performances found on the balconies of buildings a possibility of a stage, bringing a little entertainment to those who were isolated in their homes.

Based on this scenario, Brazilian creatives Samoel Junqueira, Pedro Arvati and Victor Souza created, in July 2020, the Instagram page Sacadas a Mostra (Balconies on Display, translated literally), which is proposed to function as a “digital balcony”, as if each post were the balcony of a building, featuring an independent musician.

In the posts, the creators of the page bring to the public a little of each artist’s history, what changed for them with the pandemic and a video promoting their work.


Adote um CV seeks to increase the visibility of resumes of professionals laid off because of the pandemic

Performed by: Rodrigo Chiesa + Paulo Silva

Country: Brazil

Launched in April 2020, Adote um CV (Adopt a CV, translated litteraly) aims to help Brazilians who have lost their jobs during the Coronavirus pandemic to find a new job. The idea is for a person to ‘adopt’ a curriculum available on the site of a professional looking for a job, and share it on their social networks, helping to give visibility to the CV and increasing the chances of the professional to be hired.

The non-profit initiative, developed by Rodrigo Chiesa and Paulo Silva, consolidates information from spreadsheets publicly released on Linkedin, of professionals who were dismissed from their jobs due to the current scenario.


Project Post Quarantine invites people to self-reflect during the pandemic by writing letters to themselves in the post-quarantine

Performed by: Nikky Lyle, Em Williams e Claire Medcalf

Country: UK

Post Quarantine is a project developed by creative professionals Nikky Lyle, Em Williams and Claire Medcalf which invites people to reflect on how they felt during the Coronavirus pandemic by writing letters to themselves in the future, after the quarantine ended.

Launched in April 2020, the project has an Instagram page, where letters received are posted. However, the plan is to bring the writers together with their letters in a big post-quarantine exhibition party, when everyone can get together again.

Post Quarantine starts from the premise that “writing is one of the most helpful things you can do during a time of stress. The slower pace of putting pen to paper allows you to order your thoughts and find some clarity. So what better time to write than during a global pandemic? Yeah, exactly.”


Did they help? – Find out how a company or celeb behaved during the Coronavirus pandemic

Performed by: Volunteers / Civil Society

Country: United Kingdom / Worldwide

Did They Help was created with the mission of documenting all the good and bad actions that companies and public figures did during this period of the pandemic. A comprehensive and maintained database available without online sponsorship, so people can make better and more informed decisions in the future about where they spend their money and who they invest in.

The site classifies as “Heroes” those companies and high profile people who made positive changes and actions to support employees and society during COVID, and “Zeroes” those whose actions may have had a negative impact.

They hope to go beyond the Coronavirus pandemic in the future and classify companies and public figures on other global issues, such as global warming, child labor and more. However, for now, the focus is specifically on notable actions taken during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Covid Art Museum: The world’s first art museum born during the Covid-19 quarantine

Performed by: Civil Society

Country: Spain – World

CAM emerged to bring together paintings, collages, photographs and montages that have been influenced by this moment. With museums closed and millions living life without leaving home, new images are emerging to mark these times and also as a reflection that shows the impact of the epidemic on many artists.

Behind the initiative are the trio Emma Calvo, Irene Llorca and José Guerrero, from Barcelona. The selection criterion was to choose works that are made in the quarantine period, that transmit and reflect what we are all experiencing and feeling. That is why they were not limited to any technique. They post all types of art, be it illustrations, photographs, paintings, drawings, animations, videos etc.

The three advertisers search online and, today, they also receive proposals from creatives from around the world through Instagram. The proposal is that, in the future, when this becomes part of the history of the world, people will be able to discover how artists expressed themselves during this period.


‘Motorcycle-wash’ turns into solidarity HQ in Brazil

Performed by: Two Wheel Club RJ

Country: Brazil

Two Wheel Club is a Brazilian motorcycle washing shop that also has a kitchen, bar and games space. At the beginning of the pandemic, shortly after interrupting its commercial activities, the space was occupied for the preparation of donations to the homeless population. It counted on the collaboration of customers and partnerships with hotels that donated food in stock that they would no longer use. Soon after, the company started to collect and store food donations that are distributed by its customers and friends.


Coronavirus Poop Calculator – Calculator informs amount of poop needed to run out of toilet paper stock

Performed by: Dmytro Spilka

Country: UK

Created by a London-based marketer, Dmytro Spilka, the tool aims to answer a simple question: “How long will your toilet paper last?”. After noticing worldwide panic buying, followed by the deficit of toilet paper and other necessities, the creator realised that there was a need to develop an interactive tool that may help people realise that they probably have way more toilet paper than they actually need to survive the pandemic. Based on the values selected, the tool gives users a status, kgs of

Platform ‘Vizinho do Bem’ connects neighbours who need assistance during quarantine with those who can help

Performed by: Nox

Country: Brazil

Recognising that many people in quarantine, especially those in the at-risk group, such as the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions, were in need of help to carry out basic activities such as going to the supermarket or walking the dog, the Brazilian condominium management start-up Nox launched, in March 2020, the Vizinho do Bem (Good Neighbours, translated literally) platform, which connects neighbours who need help with those who can help.

It works like this: anyone interested must register with personal details, noting if they need help or if they want to help. The start-up team then analyses the veracity of the information presented and researches the proximity between those needing help and the volunteer, connecting these people via WhatsApp. After the match is made, the introduction and relationship is up to the two parties. The service is provided free of charge.