Facebook and Instagram start to notify users to wear a mask

Realização: Facebook + Instagram

País: Global

Em julho de 2020, o Facebook e o Instagram anunciaram que irão enviar In July 2020, Facebook and Instagram announced that they will send messages to users to encourage the use of facial masks outside the home. The notification will be made from an alert in the News Feed, which will also allow the person to access the platform’s information center on the Covid-19 pandemic – in the case of Instagram, the redirection will be given to links from the Control Center and Prevention of diseases.


Did they help? – Find out how a company or celeb behaved during the Coronavirus pandemic

Performed by: Volunteers / Civil Society

Country: United Kingdom / Worldwide

Did They Help was created with the mission of documenting all the good and bad actions that companies and public figures did during this period of the pandemic. A comprehensive and maintained database available without online sponsorship, so people can make better and more informed decisions in the future about where they spend their money and who they invest in.

The site classifies as “Heroes” those companies and high profile people who made positive changes and actions to support employees and society during COVID, and “Zeroes” those whose actions may have had a negative impact.

They hope to go beyond the Coronavirus pandemic in the future and classify companies and public figures on other global issues, such as global warming, child labor and more. However, for now, the focus is specifically on notable actions taken during the Covid-19 pandemic.


The April edition of Vogue Italy has a totally blank cover

Performed by: Vogue Italy

Country: Italy

Vogue Italy reacted to the Coronavirus pandemic with a special issue, featuring, for the first time in the history of the magazine, a totally white cover. Vogue’s editor-in-chief Emanuele Farneti released a statement on Instagram explaining they had chose white as it signified ‘respect, rebirth, and silence’. The magazine April’s edition also contains the first portfolio of fashion under quarantine, with remotely-taken images of more than 40 leading figures in the fashion industry.


London’s agency creates Snapchat filter that helps maintain social distance

Performed by: We Are Social

Country: UK

In April 2020, London’s agency We Are Social created a Snapchat filter that helps the social network users to follow social distance and respect the government’s recommendations to stay at least two meters away from other people to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Called Snap Safe, the filter uses augmented reality technology to show the distance people need to keep from each other when they are away from home. If the proximity to other members of the public is less than two meters, the filter shows the warning: ‘STAY BACK. SAVE LIVES ‘.


Tableau launches Covid-19 Data Hub, an online dashboard to gauge pandemic’s impact on business

Performed by: Tableau

Country: Global

Data analysis software company Tableau is helping companies gauge the impact of the pandemic on their businesses with its interactive Covid-19 Data Hub dashboard. Launched in march 2020, the dashboard contains series of Covid-19 related data to help users to visualize and analyze the impact of the outbreak. The data comes from the dataset maintained and updated by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering. Tableau cleans, reshapes, and makes this data ready for use. Companies can download free customized workbooks and combine them with their own company findings to track how the virus may impact staff, customers and suppliers.


Canva offers free templates with WHO information about Covid-19 for companies to use in their communication

Performed by: Canva

Country: Australia – Global

In March 2019, the Australian online design platform Canva started offering a series for free models of images and messages about Covid-19, based on facts from the World Health Organization (WHO), for companies to use when communicating with their audience.

With so much information available, the company’s idea was to help share accurate virus information from trusted sources, so that people could take the right steps to keep themselves and others safe.