Food company Hormel Foods launches bacon-scented face mask

Performed by: Hormel Foods

Country: United States

In October 2020, American company Hormel Foods, through its bacon products brand Hormel® Black Label®, announced the launch of a facial mask for pork lovers.

Made with a two-layer multi-fiber fabric, the limited edition mask contains the aroma of bacon.

The company announced that for each unit purchased, it will donate a meal to the NGO Feeding America, up to the limit of 10,000 meals.


Personal protective environments

Performed by: Wunderman Thompson

Country: United States

Personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves and masks aren’t going away anytime soon. But as consumers look for further safeguards against viral and bacterial contaminants, brands are turning their attention to a new type of PPE: personal protective environments. A slew of new products—when paired with existing measures like social distancing and face coverings—offer an extra layer of protection and heightened peace of mind for virus-averse consumers.

From purified public spaces, sanitation mode to disinfect car interiors to decontaminated dwellings, Emily Safian-Demers presents what and how brands are attending the demand of the new reality and society concerns.

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Vans campaign turns personalized shoes into cash for stores closed due to the Coronavirus

Performed by: Vans

Country: United States

The shoe and skateboard brand Vans created the Foot The Bill initiative to try to reduce the financial impact suffered by American companies that had their businesses prevented from functioning during quarantine.

In April 2020, the brand invited small skate shops, restaurants, art galleries and music venues that were forced to close due to the Coronavirus to personalize Vans shoes and then sell their designs through its e-commerce platform. The sales value of personalized items (less production costs and freight) are allocated to the store or place of creation, making the purchase an act of support for local companies in difficulty.

Vans is committed to producing up to 500 pairs of each design, and buyers can further customize their shoes by changing the color or material through Vans e-commerce.

According to a note published on the initiative’s website, Vans has so far helped companies with approximately US $ 4 million through Foot The Bill.


A small town in Washington is printing its own currency during the pandemic

Performed by: Town Hall Tenino, Washignton, EUA

Country: United States

What happens when a city creates its own social currency? In a bid to lessen the blow of Covid-19, the town of Tenino has started issuing its own wooden dollars that can only be spent at local businesses.

Wayne Fournier, the mayor, decided that Tenino would set aside $10k to give out to low-income residents hurt by the pandemic. But instead of using federal dollars, he’d print the money on thin sheets of wood designed exclusively for use in Tenino. His mint? A 130-year-old newspaper printer from a local museum. Fournier’s central idea is pulled straight from Tenino’s own history.

During the Great Depression, the city printed sets of wooden dollars using that exact same 1890 newspaper printer. Within a year, the wooden currency had helped bring the economy back from the dead.

By reinstating the old currency now, Fournier has accidentally become part of a much bigger movement. With businesses worried about keeping the lights on and people scrambling to find spending money, communities have struggled to keep their local economies afloat. So they’ve revived an old strategy: When in doubt, print your own money. Today, these so-called “local currencies” might help small communities recover from the economic fallout of Covid-19.


17-year-old turns down US$ 8 million offer for his Covid-19 website

Performed by:

Country: United States

The 17-year-old American, Avi Schiffmann, turned down an US$ 8 million offer for his coronavirus data-tracking website —

The platform, which is updated with data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and websites from the governments of countries, sparked the interest of a company that intended to have the editorial control of the site placing advertisements targeting the millions of visitors.

While Schiffmann is proud of the work he’s done, he doesn’t want to become a model for how to make a name for one’s self during a pandemic.


Covid-19 essentials pop-up store

Performed by: Aventura Mall

Country: United States

Covid-19 Essentials is a new pop-up store on the second floor of Aventura Mall, in Miami, Florida. Despite its questionable branding and hopefully its short lifetime, it has been considered an interesting development.

In the pop-up store, it is possible to find a vast variety of products such as face masks thermometers, face shields, gloves, non-contact door openers, phone sterilizers, lots and lots of hand sanitizer. They also offer a customization service for face masks.

“Anything that’s COVID-19 related, we have it.”, says the Covid-19 Essentials Store owner Nadav Benimetzky.


MICRASHELL: A suit that allows you to safe socialize in times of a pandemic

Performed by: Production Club Studio

Country: United States

An airborne virus has extended across the globe creating a pandemic, changing the way people perform their everyday tasks across the world. Micrashell was born as a socially responsible solution to safely allow people to interact in close proximity. Specifically designed to satisfy the needs of nightlife, live events and entertainment industries, Micrashell is a virus-shielded, easy to control, fun to wear, disinfectable, fast to deploy personal protective equipment (PPE) that allows socializing without distancing.


MIT and HARVARD prepare mask that lights up when it detects Covid-19

Performed by: Harvard University + MIT

Country: United States

Researchers at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are developing a protective mask that will be able to detect whether a person is infected with the new Coronavirus. Whenever the individual coughs, sneezes or breathes, a fluorescent light will come on. For scientists, this could help to solve the problem of lack of tests, which is recurrent in many countries, since doctors can put the mask on patients and find out quickly, without having to take the tests to a laboratory, whether someone has it or not Covid-19.


Beer brand Bohemia launches a movement to help bars reopen after quarantine ends

Performed by: Bohemia

Country: Brasil

With recommendations for everyone to stay home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, bars around Brazil had to close their doors. To guarantee the reopening of the establishments after the quarantine, in April 2020, the Brazilian beer brand Bohemia launched the movement “Ajude um Buteco” (Help a bar, translated literally).

Through the initiative, consumers can choose the bar of preference and purchase vouchers to be used in the future, with discounts on the purchase price. With each purchase, Bohemia pays 20% of the value of the purchased voucher.

In March 2020, Stella Artois created a similar initiative to help restaurants during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Quarancuts: an online hairdressing school during quarantine

Performed by: Barba Men’s Grooming Boutique

Country: United States

As many spouses, parents and children were suddenly enlisted as amateur barbers, resulting – often – in catastrophic looks, Xavier Cruz, from New York barber shop Barba, launched in April 2020, Quarancuts, an online school of haircuts during quarantine.

Conceived by the creative agency Terri & Sandy, the school works through free guided sessions on Zoom, where Cruz virtually accompanies people in their homes giving directions on exactly how to cut their hair.

At the end of the process, students receive a digital certificate attesting their success as an amateur barber. The guinea pigs that had their hair cut receive a certificate of bravery.


MIT Covid-19 challenge

Performed by: MIT

Country: Global

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, MIT Solve launched a new Global Challenge: How can communities around the world prepare for, detect, and respond to emerging pandemics and health security threats? Solve’s mission is to foster innovation, seeking out tech-based social entrepreneurs and helping them scale up their ideas.

There are several rounds of review in the Solve selection process, with 50 to 60 experts from both inside and outside MIT reading every application. Individuals and groups with a tech-based solution to health security threats are invited to submit a proposal by June 18, while potential supporters of the teams chosen can investigate options for partnership with Solve.


Under Armour develops no-sew protective mask that can be produced quickly and in large quantities

Performed by: Under Armour

Country: United States

To support the health system during the coronavirus pandemic, in March 2020, Under Armor clothing and sports equipment brand began to manufacture and distribute to professionals in several United States hospitals, face masks, shields, hospital gowns, among other items for individual protection.

To meet the high demand for protective equipment, the Under Armor team focused on designing a mask that could be produced very quickly and in large quantities. Thus, the team developed a one-piece mask design that does not require sewing. Its origami-style folds mold the specially chosen, breathable yet moisture-resistant fabric into the desired mask shape.


Busch gives 3 months’ worth of beer to people who adopt a dog during PANDEMIC

Performed by: Busch

Country: United States

In March 2020, American beer brand Busch partnered with the Midwest Animal Rescue animal shelter to launch a campaign called “Foster a Dog, Get Busch”, in which it offered 3 months of free beer to those who adopted a dog in quarantine.

The action came to help the shelter, which had donations reduced during the pandemic and was having financial trouble to maintain the animals.


Paint company Behr provides screen shots of organized homes to use when making video calls

Performed by: Behr

Country: United States

With more people working from home and connecting with friends and family remotely, people are using video calls more than ever to keep in touch. But not all homes are camera-ready. With that in mind, paint company Behr introduced, in March 2020, ‘Behr Your Background’, a free library of stylish – and organized – homes that anyone can download to use as a virtual background for their next Zoom video call.

Advertising agency BBDO launch initiative that lets staff brand their homes as official agency offices

Performed by: BBDO

Country: United States

Advertising agency BBDO has developed a new initiative to help cope with the reality that employees are now working from home – something to help them to continue to feel inspired and motivated. The agency launched a microsite where every employee can “launch their own BBDO office” by simply typing their address and generating an official BBDO agency and their home address logo.

Disney resorts donate food that will not be consumed due to park closings

Performed by: Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort

Country: United States

Due to the temporary closure of Disney parks in the United States. in March 2020, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California initiated surplus food donations to help local communities.