MIT Covid-19 challenge

Performed by: MIT

Country: Global

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, MIT Solve launched a new Global Challenge: How can communities around the world prepare for, detect, and respond to emerging pandemics and health security threats? Solve’s mission is to foster innovation, seeking out tech-based social entrepreneurs and helping them scale up their ideas.

There are several rounds of review in the Solve selection process, with 50 to 60 experts from both inside and outside MIT reading every application. Individuals and groups with a tech-based solution to health security threats are invited to submit a proposal by June 18, while potential supporters of the teams chosen can investigate options for partnership with Solve.


Covid-19 Innovation Challenge Funding Round

Performed by: NERA

Country: Australia

The Australia’s Industry Growth Centre for the energy resources sector – NERA – will be providing $20,000 to up to ten Australian-based energy resources businesses (for a total of up to $200,000 in funding) who can offer solutions, services or knowledge that can help manage and mitigate the challenges the community will face as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Nera encourages Australian energy resources SMEs to think differently and innovatively and how they can adapt their existing solutions and/or specialised knowledge to help address challenges associated with the pandemic.