Beer brand Skol launches online bar games to liven up Happy Hour in quarantine

Performed by: Skol

Country: Brasil

To make the quarantine more fun, in August 2020, Brazilian beer brand Skol launched online versions of the “Town, Country, River” and “I Never” games to liven up virtual Happy Hours.

Skol Bar Games are an extension for Google Chrome, and can be used on video conference platforms, such as Zoom and Hangout, when accessed from the desktop.


Music festival Tomorrowland holds virtual version of the event due to pandemic

Performed by: Tomorrowland

Country: Global

Tomorrowland, an electronic music festival that traditionally takes place in the Belgian city of Boom, announced a virtual version of the event, to be held on July 25 and 26, 2020.

Called Tomorrowland Around The World, the format was the way found by the brand to keep the festival alive even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. So, instead of a physical place, the organisers of the event created a digital magical world for the festival, the island of Pāpiliōnem.

With 8 stages and more than 60 artists, including Katy Perry and big names in the electronic scene, such as Armin van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Steve Aoki and Tiësto, as well as a selection of webinars, games and workshops, the online proposal of Tomorrowland is creating a new interactive entertainment experience.

Unlike most ‘lives’ held during confinement, Tomorrowland Around The World is a 100% paid event, with tickets ranging from 12.50 euros for a day to 50 euros (package with live broadcast of the two days of the event + the right to watch a replay of favorite performances until August 3rd).

According to the Tomorrowland organisation, more than 1 million people participated in the virtual edition of the festival.


Sacadas a Mostra: Project creates “virtual balcony” to promote independent artists during quarantine

Performed by: Samoel Junqueira + Pedro Arvati + Victor Souza

Country: Brazil

Because of the closure of bars and the cancellation of events and shows due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the work of independent artists was highly impacted.

However, during the quarantine period, music and other artistic performances found on the balconies of buildings a possibility of a stage, bringing a little entertainment to those who were isolated in their homes.

Based on this scenario, Brazilian creatives Samoel Junqueira, Pedro Arvati and Victor Souza created, in July 2020, the Instagram page Sacadas a Mostra (Balconies on Display, translated literally), which is proposed to function as a “digital balcony”, as if each post were the balcony of a building, featuring an independent musician.

In the posts, the creators of the page bring to the public a little of each artist’s history, what changed for them with the pandemic and a video promoting their work.


Jägermeister launches #SAVETHENIGHT platform to help professionals who depend on bars and clubs closed due to the pandemic

Performed by: Jägermeister

Country: Global

The Covid-19 pandemic has kept people at home and away from bars and clubs, making it difficult for professionals who depend on these places to carry out their work activities. With that in mind, in May 2020, Jägermeister launched the #SAVETHENIGHT online booking platform that connects artists, bartenders and other night professionals from around the world to the public at home.

In the platform’s Meister Drop-Ins session, people can book DJs, dancers, mixologists, magicians, etc., to participate in their virtual parties via Skype, Zoom or Houseparty for free.

To reserve a ‘Meister’ to attend the meeting, people need to visit the website and select the artist or specialist of their choice. It is possible to view the profiles of each ‘Meister’, which includes the professional’s biography and what to expect from the session (in the case of cocktail classes, its also possible to see what you need to buy in advance). Users can then select their preferred session and enter their name, email, the link to the virtual session and the meeting password, if any.

Jägermeister is paying each Meister for the virtual appearance, and when the 20-30 minute sessions are completed, the party organizer is invited to offer a contribution via PayPal.

The brand plans to launch further activations on its #SAVETHENIGHT platform, including a series of masterclasses.


Nightclub in Germany promotes ‘rave drive-in’ during the pandemic

Performed by: Index

Country: Germany

Seeking to adapt to the social distance measures imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic, since late April 2020 the German nightclub Index has been conducting drive-in raves, where people can enjoy DJ shows from inside their own cars.

The club set up a stage, complete sound system and lighting equipment in its parking lot, allowing 250 cars to participate in the parties, called ‘Autodisco’. To ensure that the distance rules are observed, there is no possibility to leave before the end of the event.

According to the nightclub, getting out of the vehicle is only allowed in an emergency. That is, bathrooms can only be used as a last resort and only with a mask on. In addition, the nightclub recommends that participants bring their own drinks and snacks from home, since, for now, these items are not sold during the event.


Restaurant in Amsterdam installs mini greenhouses to guarantee dinner with social distance

Performed by: Mediamatic

Country Netherlands

With the easing of restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, restaurants are beginning to experiment with new ways to keep their customers safe during dinner. In Amsterdam, Mediamatic restaurant found an innovative solution to guarantee the application of social distance rules. The restaurant has installed small greenhouses which allow dinner with less risk of exposure to the virus.

Called Serres Séparées (separate greenhouses in French, in literal translation), the transparent structures underwent the pilot project in May and will receive customers from June 1st, when Dutch bars and restaurants may reopen. According to the restaurant, June and July are already fully-booked.


German cafe creates unusual solution to force customers to maintain recommended social distance

Performed by: Cafe & Konditorei Rothe

Country: Germany

With Germany going through the re-opening phase, but with strict security restrictions, the cafe Cafe & Konditorei Rothe has devised a creative solution to maintain the recommended distance between its customers. As soon as someone enters the establishment, they get a hat with those polyethylene noodles for the pool. Measuring 1.5m, it indicates the safe distance between each person to avoid contagion. The idea may sound strange, but it is effective and still gives place for playful a atmosphere in such a tense world period.


Covid Art Museum: The world’s first art museum born during the Covid-19 quarantine

Performed by: Civil Society

Country: Spain – World

CAM emerged to bring together paintings, collages, photographs and montages that have been influenced by this moment. With museums closed and millions living life without leaving home, new images are emerging to mark these times and also as a reflection that shows the impact of the epidemic on many artists.

Behind the initiative are the trio Emma Calvo, Irene Llorca and José Guerrero, from Barcelona. The selection criterion was to choose works that are made in the quarantine period, that transmit and reflect what we are all experiencing and feeling. That is why they were not limited to any technique. They post all types of art, be it illustrations, photographs, paintings, drawings, animations, videos etc.

The three advertisers search online and, today, they also receive proposals from creatives from around the world through Instagram. The proposal is that, in the future, when this becomes part of the history of the world, people will be able to discover how artists expressed themselves during this period.