Hairdressers teach cuts and hairstyles that match the use of a mask

Performed by: Gamo Kansai

Country: Japan

The ubiquitous use of the face mask in Japan due to the Covid-19 pandemic presented hairdressers with the challenge of creating cuts and hairstyles that match their use.

Seeking inspiration, Gamo Kansai, a company based in Kyoto that provides hair salons with hair dyes, shampoos and other hair products, developed a competition to choose the cuts and hairstyles that best match the use of masks.

In April 2020 the company created the Instagram account @cut_together asking hairdressers to post with their recommendations. More than 800 posts were inserted, including photos and films detailing techniques and products used to cut hair and perform hairstyles.

Famous hairdressers evaluated the recommendations posted, in a live, commenting on each type of cut and hairstyle and choosing the winners.


Quarancuts: an online hairdressing school during quarantine

Performed by: Barba Men’s Grooming Boutique

Country: United States

As many spouses, parents and children were suddenly enlisted as amateur barbers, resulting – often – in catastrophic looks, Xavier Cruz, from New York barber shop Barba, launched in April 2020, Quarancuts, an online school of haircuts during quarantine.

Conceived by the creative agency Terri & Sandy, the school works through free guided sessions on Zoom, where Cruz virtually accompanies people in their homes giving directions on exactly how to cut their hair.

At the end of the process, students receive a digital certificate attesting their success as an amateur barber. The guinea pigs that had their hair cut receive a certificate of bravery.


Bleach London launches a digital hair salon to help customers color their hair at home

Performed by: Beach London

Country: UK

With the beauty salons closing due to the coronavirus pandemic, hair salon chain Bleach London launched, in March 2020, a ‘Hair Party’’ series, a virtual initiative designed to operate as a ‘digital salon’, where those who no longer have access to professionals can have access to guidance on how to perform the coloring process at home.


LVMH converts fragrance factories into hydroalcoholic gel production facilities

Performed by: LVMH Group

Country: France

Given the risk of a shortage of hydroalcoholic gel in France due the pandemics, LVMH group announced in March 2020 the production and free distribution of the product to the French public health system. LVMH will use the production facilities of its perfume and cosmetics brands in France to produce large quantities of alcohol gel for donation.