Vans campaign turns personalized shoes into cash for stores closed due to the Coronavirus

Performed by: Vans

Country: United States

The shoe and skateboard brand Vans created the Foot The Bill initiative to try to reduce the financial impact suffered by American companies that had their businesses prevented from functioning during quarantine.

In April 2020, the brand invited small skate shops, restaurants, art galleries and music venues that were forced to close due to the Coronavirus to personalize Vans shoes and then sell their designs through its e-commerce platform. The sales value of personalized items (less production costs and freight) are allocated to the store or place of creation, making the purchase an act of support for local companies in difficulty.

Vans is committed to producing up to 500 pairs of each design, and buyers can further customize their shoes by changing the color or material through Vans e-commerce.

According to a note published on the initiative’s website, Vans has so far helped companies with approximately US $ 4 million through Foot The Bill.


MICRASHELL: A suit that allows you to safe socialize in times of a pandemic

Performed by: Production Club Studio

Country: United States

An airborne virus has extended across the globe creating a pandemic, changing the way people perform their everyday tasks across the world. Micrashell was born as a socially responsible solution to safely allow people to interact in close proximity. Specifically designed to satisfy the needs of nightlife, live events and entertainment industries, Micrashell is a virus-shielded, easy to control, fun to wear, disinfectable, fast to deploy personal protective equipment (PPE) that allows socializing without distancing.


With restrictions on face-to-face photo sessions, fashion brand Amaro creates a virtual model for its campaigns

Performed by: Amaro

Country: Brazil

Without being able to carry out face-to-face photo sessions with models, photographers and producers due to social isolation, Amaro, a Brazilian online clothing store, created a virtual model to star in its digital advertising campaigns. Called Mara, the model was created based on data collected by the company’s business intelligence team.


VR used to create cloud fashion show during Covid-19 lockdown

Realização: Lanvin

País: France

During Paris Fashion Week, Lanvin collaborated with video platforms Douyin, Yizhibo, iQiyi, and luxury e-tailer Secoo to create a cloud fashion show.

The brand also invited fashion bloggers and boyband UNINE’s Jiayi (嘉羿) to livestream the show’s behind-the-scenes action under the hashtag #lanvin云秀场 (#lanvinCloudBasedRunway), resulting in over 5 million views.

Beyond its new clothing, Lanvin’s latest handbags – which are inspired by everyday objects like takeaway boxes for cakes –  peaked on Chinese social media, starting conversations and helping direct a younger audience to the brand.

The coronavirus epidemic is truly testing a brand’s ability to respond, especially in the luxury industry. Like Lanvin, the key for many designers has been to increase human interaction through harnessing technology.