Rio de Janeiro City Hall performs Live for animal adoption during social isolation

Performed by: Rio de Janeiro City Hall

Country: Brazil

In July 2020, the City of Rio de Janeiro, through the department for Animal Welfare held an Adoption Live on Facebook, in which it featured 50 dogs and cats rescued that are available for adoption.

The new adoption method launched by the city was aimed at protecting people during the Covid-19 outbreak. Before social isolation, they ran parks and squares with its adoption campaign. However, to avoid crowds, the animals started to be presented live, with a video of the rescue of each one and explanations about their history, their behaviour etc.

To adopt, those interested should follow the Live and go through an interview. If approved, the animal is delivered to the adopter’s home, already neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and with an identification microchip.


Website I Miss the Office offers office noises for those who miss the work environment

Performed by: Kids

Country Alemanha

I Miss the Office is an ‘office noise generator’ site that plays office background noise for those who are working from home during the quarantine and are missing the office environment. Launched in April 2020 by Berlin-based creative agency Kids, the website shows an open office plan filled with familiar sights: a conference table, meeting rooms, a copier, desks, that can be clicked to activate its sounds. Clicking the printer activates the familiar sounds of a printer. Listeners can also increase the ambient noise level by adding more colleagues to the virtual workplace.


Burger King recommends ingredients for consumers to make their own Whopper at home during quarantine

Performed by: Burger King

Country: France

Burger King France published on its Twitter account a campaign with the recipes of famous burgers of the chain, such as Big Fish, Big King, Steakhouse and the classic Whopper. The series of recipes for quarantine shows the ingredients that the consumer can get in the nearest supermarket to replicate the fast-food chain hamburgers at home, just like those sold in stores, during the isolation period.

Paint company Behr provides screen shots of organized homes to use when making video calls

Performed by: Behr

Country: United States

With more people working from home and connecting with friends and family remotely, people are using video calls more than ever to keep in touch. But not all homes are camera-ready. With that in mind, paint company Behr introduced, in March 2020, ‘Behr Your Background’, a free library of stylish – and organized – homes that anyone can download to use as a virtual background for their next Zoom video call.

Advertising agency BBDO launch initiative that lets staff brand their homes as official agency offices

Performed by: BBDO

Country: United States

Advertising agency BBDO has developed a new initiative to help cope with the reality that employees are now working from home – something to help them to continue to feel inspired and motivated. The agency launched a microsite where every employee can “launch their own BBDO office” by simply typing their address and generating an official BBDO agency and their home address logo.