CUFA collects donations for favela residents through Uber Eats

Performed by: CUFA + Uber Eats

Country: Brazil

In April 2020, CUFA, a Brazilian organization created from the union between young people from various favelas, entered into a partnership with Uber Eats in Brazil to receive donations through the app. Uber Eats users will be able to donate food and hygiene kits by accessing the online store “A comunidade nos move” (The community moves us, translated literally) available on the app. The donations, delivered directly to CUFA, will go to favelas in five cities in Brazil: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Porto Alegre and Salvador.


Greenpeace launches meatless recipe book to encourage reduction of consumption during quarantine

Performed by: Greenpeace

Country: Brazil

Due to the quarantine, many people developed an interest in cooking and and try different recipes. Thinking about it, in April 2020, Greenpeace Brasil launched “Quarentena Sem Carne” (Quarantine Without Meat, translated literally), a free vegetarian recipe book to helps people face isolation in a healthy way and at the same time reflect on the impact of meat consumption for the environment.

According to the publication, “agriculture is today one of the main causes of deforestation in the world and responsible for approximately 60% of the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change” and, for this reason, Greenpeace encourages the drastic reduction on consumption of meat and meat products.

Vegan and vegetable recipes are suggested by chefs, nutritionists and influencers who advocate good nutrition as a way to help deal with anxiety, stay in shape, entertain children and discover new flavors and ingredients during the time at home.


Busch gives 3 months’ worth of beer to people who adopt a dog during PANDEMIC

Performed by: Busch

Country: United States

In March 2020, American beer brand Busch partnered with the Midwest Animal Rescue animal shelter to launch a campaign called “Foster a Dog, Get Busch”, in which it offered 3 months of free beer to those who adopted a dog in quarantine.

The action came to help the shelter, which had donations reduced during the pandemic and was having financial trouble to maintain the animals.


Gastromotiva launches solidarity kitchens to increase access to food by the vulnerable population

Performed by: Gastromotiva

Country: Brazil

With the pandemic, one of the acting branches of the NGO Gastromotiva, the Reffeitorio Gastromotiva, a cooking school and a food point for people in situations of vulnerability in Rio de Janeiro, started to receive food donations that will be disposed of to partner organizations that need help.

In addition to the food bank, Gastromotiva also planned, through its network of students, alumni and partners, a model of kitchens that can serve populations in situations of food insecurity. In these kitchens, called Cozinhas Solidárias (Solidarity Kitchens, translated literally), each cooker uses its own structure to produce meals. Gastromotiva sends food, packaging and helps to manage the operation and logistics of distribute meals to the communities.

To help maintain and open new solidarity kitchens, Gastromotiva also created a fund called #Eualimentoesperança (#IFeedHope, translated literally), in which people can make contributions through the crowdfunding platform Kickante.