Vans campaign turns personalized shoes into cash for stores closed due to the Coronavirus

Performed by: Vans

Country: United States

The shoe and skateboard brand Vans created the Foot The Bill initiative to try to reduce the financial impact suffered by American companies that had their businesses prevented from functioning during quarantine.

In April 2020, the brand invited small skate shops, restaurants, art galleries and music venues that were forced to close due to the Coronavirus to personalize Vans shoes and then sell their designs through its e-commerce platform. The sales value of personalized items (less production costs and freight) are allocated to the store or place of creation, making the purchase an act of support for local companies in difficulty.

Vans is committed to producing up to 500 pairs of each design, and buyers can further customize their shoes by changing the color or material through Vans e-commerce.

According to a note published on the initiative’s website, Vans has so far helped companies with approximately US $ 4 million through Foot The Bill.


Jägermeister launches #SAVETHENIGHT platform to help professionals who depend on bars and clubs closed due to the pandemic

Performed by: Jägermeister

Country: Global

The Covid-19 pandemic has kept people at home and away from bars and clubs, making it difficult for professionals who depend on these places to carry out their work activities. With that in mind, in May 2020, Jägermeister launched the #SAVETHENIGHT online booking platform that connects artists, bartenders and other night professionals from around the world to the public at home.

In the platform’s Meister Drop-Ins session, people can book DJs, dancers, mixologists, magicians, etc., to participate in their virtual parties via Skype, Zoom or Houseparty for free.

To reserve a ‘Meister’ to attend the meeting, people need to visit the website and select the artist or specialist of their choice. It is possible to view the profiles of each ‘Meister’, which includes the professional’s biography and what to expect from the session (in the case of cocktail classes, its also possible to see what you need to buy in advance). Users can then select their preferred session and enter their name, email, the link to the virtual session and the meeting password, if any.

Jägermeister is paying each Meister for the virtual appearance, and when the 20-30 minute sessions are completed, the party organizer is invited to offer a contribution via PayPal.

The brand plans to launch further activations on its #SAVETHENIGHT platform, including a series of masterclasses.


Adote um CV seeks to increase the visibility of resumes of professionals laid off because of the pandemic

Performed by: Rodrigo Chiesa + Paulo Silva

Country: Brazil

Launched in April 2020, Adote um CV (Adopt a CV, translated litteraly) aims to help Brazilians who have lost their jobs during the Coronavirus pandemic to find a new job. The idea is for a person to ‘adopt’ a curriculum available on the site of a professional looking for a job, and share it on their social networks, helping to give visibility to the CV and increasing the chances of the professional to be hired.

The non-profit initiative, developed by Rodrigo Chiesa and Paulo Silva, consolidates information from spreadsheets publicly released on Linkedin, of professionals who were dismissed from their jobs due to the current scenario.


Beer brand Antarctica partners with traditional brand of beach snack and reverses profit of sales for street vendors

Performed by: AMBEV + Biscoito Globo

Country: Brazil

AMBEV beer brand Antarctica entered into a partnership with Biscoito Globo, an iconic snack consumed mainly at Rio de Janeiro’s beaches that had sales drastically affected by the interdiction of city beaches.

On May 2020, delivery app Zé Delivery started selling Antarctica beer & Biscoito Globo snack kits, with profit of sales reverted to the street vendors who used to sell food and drinks at Rio’s beaches. 100% of profit from both products will be donated to supplement income of the professionals, who will receive the credit via Ame Digital. The company already had the registration of countless street vendors who had been selling through the app since January.


Beer brand Bohemia launches a movement to help bars reopen after quarantine ends

Performed by: Bohemia

Country: Brasil

With recommendations for everyone to stay home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, bars around Brazil had to close their doors. To guarantee the reopening of the establishments after the quarantine, in April 2020, the Brazilian beer brand Bohemia launched the movement “Ajude um Buteco” (Help a bar, translated literally).

Through the initiative, consumers can choose the bar of preference and purchase vouchers to be used in the future, with discounts on the purchase price. With each purchase, Bohemia pays 20% of the value of the purchased voucher.

In March 2020, Stella Artois created a similar initiative to help restaurants during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Platform “Pertinho de Casa” brings small producers closer to consumers and helps local businesses

Performed by: FAESP + Facebook, Accenture + Sebrae + Senar + Vtex

Country: Brazil

PERTINHO DE CASA (Close to Home, translated literally) is a non-profit initiative led by the Agriculture and Livestock Federation of the State of São Paulo (FAESP) in Brazil and supported by different companies (called “supporters”, including Accenture, Facebook and VTEX) that joined during the Covid-19 pandemic to bring together rural producers, marketers and small businesses entrepreneurs (who saw their incomes reduced dramatically and suddenly) to close by consumers.


BlaBlaCar launches app that allows users to assist neighbors in shopping during quarantine

Performed by: Blablacar

Country: Global

In April 2020, the free ride platform BlaBlaCar announced the launch of BlaBlaHelp, a new app that aims to help people make purchases during a pandemic. Users can register to volunteer to make purchases in pharmacies and supermarkets while people vulnerable to the virus, such as the elderly and those with diseases, can find reliable profiles to help them.

The platform is the result of an internal hackaton promoted by the company in order to find solutions to the Covid-19 crisis.


Brazilian retailer Magazine Luiza launches digital platform for small businesses and freelancers

Performed by: Magazine Luiza

Country: Brazil

In April 2020, Brazilian retailer Magazine Luiza, also known as Magalu, launched a digital sales hub called ‘Parceiro Magalu’ (Magalu Partner, translated literally). Parceiro Magalu is a free digital sales platform that will help self-employed, micro and small retailers to earn an income during the Covid-19 pandemic.


‘Motorcycle-wash’ turns into solidarity HQ in Brazil

Performed by: Two Wheel Club RJ

Country: Brazil

Two Wheel Club is a Brazilian motorcycle washing shop that also has a kitchen, bar and games space. At the beginning of the pandemic, shortly after interrupting its commercial activities, the space was occupied for the preparation of donations to the homeless population. It counted on the collaboration of customers and partnerships with hotels that donated food in stock that they would no longer use. Soon after, the company started to collect and store food donations that are distributed by its customers and friends.


Stella Artois creates voucher website to help small restaurants

Performed by: Stella Artois

Country: Brazil

Called ‘Apoie Um Restaurante‘ (Support a Restaurant, translated literally), the campaign allows customers to purchase vouchers with a 50% discount for post-pandemic use.

The platform allows customers to purchase R$ 100 vouchers by paying only R$ 50. The idea is that consumers can enjoy the benefit when restrictions end.

The goal is to help these restaurants to have cashflow to continue to run the business. Stella Artois will pay the difference of R$ 50 to establishments, passing on the full amount of R$ 100 to the small business.


Gastromotiva launches solidarity kitchens to increase access to food by the vulnerable population

Performed by: Gastromotiva

Country: Brazil

With the pandemic, one of the acting branches of the NGO Gastromotiva, the Reffeitorio Gastromotiva, a cooking school and a food point for people in situations of vulnerability in Rio de Janeiro, started to receive food donations that will be disposed of to partner organizations that need help.

In addition to the food bank, Gastromotiva also planned, through its network of students, alumni and partners, a model of kitchens that can serve populations in situations of food insecurity. In these kitchens, called Cozinhas Solidárias (Solidarity Kitchens, translated literally), each cooker uses its own structure to produce meals. Gastromotiva sends food, packaging and helps to manage the operation and logistics of distribute meals to the communities.

To help maintain and open new solidarity kitchens, Gastromotiva also created a fund called #Eualimentoesperança (#IFeedHope, translated literally), in which people can make contributions through the crowdfunding platform Kickante.


Platform ‘Vizinho do Bem’ connects neighbours who need assistance during quarantine with those who can help

Performed by: Nox

Country: Brazil

Recognising that many people in quarantine, especially those in the at-risk group, such as the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions, were in need of help to carry out basic activities such as going to the supermarket or walking the dog, the Brazilian condominium management start-up Nox launched, in March 2020, the Vizinho do Bem (Good Neighbours, translated literally) platform, which connects neighbours who need help with those who can help.

It works like this: anyone interested must register with personal details, noting if they need help or if they want to help. The start-up team then analyses the veracity of the information presented and researches the proximity between those needing help and the volunteer, connecting these people via WhatsApp. After the match is made, the introduction and relationship is up to the two parties. The service is provided free of charge.