Beer brand Antarctica partners with traditional brand of beach snack and reverses profit of sales for street vendors

Performed by: AMBEV + Biscoito Globo

Country: Brazil

AMBEV beer brand Antarctica entered into a partnership with Biscoito Globo, an iconic snack consumed mainly at Rio de Janeiro’s beaches that had sales drastically affected by the interdiction of city beaches.

On May 2020, delivery app Zé Delivery started selling Antarctica beer & Biscoito Globo snack kits, with profit of sales reverted to the street vendors who used to sell food and drinks at Rio’s beaches. 100% of profit from both products will be donated to supplement income of the professionals, who will receive the credit via Ame Digital. The company already had the registration of countless street vendors who had been selling through the app since January.


Heinz turns ingredients from its ketchup into donation kits for meal preparation

Performed by: Heinz

Country: Brazil

In May 2020, Heinz Brasil transformed the ingredients of its ketchup recipe – tomatoes, sugar, vinegar, salt, onions and natural spices – into kits for preparing nutritious meals for people in a vulnerable situation. The kits were donated to Gastromotiva, a non-profit organization that aims at social transformation through gastronomy, and that since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil has been developing initiatives to help vulnerable people, such as the #EuAlimentoEsperança (#IFeedHope, translated literally) campaign.


CUFA collects donations for favela residents through Uber Eats

Performed by: CUFA + Uber Eats

Country: Brazil

In April 2020, CUFA, a Brazilian organization created from the union between young people from various favelas, entered into a partnership with Uber Eats in Brazil to receive donations through the app. Uber Eats users will be able to donate food and hygiene kits by accessing the online store “A comunidade nos move” (The community moves us, translated literally) available on the app. The donations, delivered directly to CUFA, will go to favelas in five cities in Brazil: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Porto Alegre and Salvador.


‘Motorcycle-wash’ turns into solidarity HQ in Brazil

Performed by: Two Wheel Club RJ

Country: Brazil

Two Wheel Club is a Brazilian motorcycle washing shop that also has a kitchen, bar and games space. At the beginning of the pandemic, shortly after interrupting its commercial activities, the space was occupied for the preparation of donations to the homeless population. It counted on the collaboration of customers and partnerships with hotels that donated food in stock that they would no longer use. Soon after, the company started to collect and store food donations that are distributed by its customers and friends.


Blue Note São Paulo donates meals to people in vulnerable situations and creates a campaign to expand the initiative

Performed: Blue Note São Paulo

País: Brazil

With the advance of COVID-19, many homeless people were no longer served by social services due to the security measures adopted in the quarantine. Thinking about it, Blue Note of São Paulo, in partnership with Bar Brahma, Bar Leo and Riviera Bar and Restaurant started to distribute around 500 meals a week to those who are on the streets. To expand the initiative, the company launched a campaign in which it allocates 15% of the revenue from orders made via Goomer app to produce more meals.

Beverage company Ambev produces hand sanitiser to donate to public hospitals

Performed by: Ambev

Country: Brazil

In March 2020, beverage producer Ambev announced the production and donation of 500 thousand units of hydroalcoholic gel bottles to Brazilian public hospitals in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, which have the largest concentration of Covid-19 cases in the country.

For the hand sanitiser production, the company used ethanol from the manufacturing process of Brahma 0.0, the company’s alcohol-free beer. As for the packaging, 237ml PET bottles that would be used for other company drinks were repurposed.

In April, the company announced the distribution of another 500 thousand units of hand sanitiser to serve all Brazilian states. To expand the donation, Ambev created exclusive production lines in some factories and acquired new equipment for the breweries. According to the company, 1.2 million units of hydroalcoholic gel were actually delivered.

The company is not the first to implement this type of initiative. In France, the LVMH group converted its fragrance factories into facilities for the production of hydroalcoholic gel.


LVMH converts fragrance factories into hydroalcoholic gel production facilities

Performed by: LVMH Group

Country: France

Given the risk of a shortage of hydroalcoholic gel in France due the pandemics, LVMH group announced in March 2020 the production and free distribution of the product to the French public health system. LVMH will use the production facilities of its perfume and cosmetics brands in France to produce large quantities of alcohol gel for donation.