Going Viral – Scenarios for a Post-pandemic World by Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies and Pictet Asset Management

Company: Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies + Pictet Asset Management

Content in: English

In October 2020, the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies published the report “Going Viral – Scenarios for a Post-pandemic World”.

The report, prepared in collaboration with Pictet Asset Management, presents scenarios for the post-pandemic world, with a focus on how Covid-19 will impact the investment outlook in the next five to 10 years.

For the Institute, there are four possible scenarios: ‘Act local, think global’, ‘All together now’, ‘Going it alone’ and ‘Not my problem’. And each of them has a unique position in relation to ‘Citizen-consumer values’ and ‘Geopolitics and global power shifts’.

For each scenario, the report addresses perspectives in relation to citizen-consumer values, governance, economic growth and innovation, technology, urbanisation and cities, health and infrastructure, also presenting the winners and losers of each scenario.

Reimagining marketing – Marketing in the next normal by McKinsey & Company

Company: McKinsey & Company

Content in: English

In July 2020, McKinsey & Company consultancy published the report “Reimagining marketing – Marketing in the next normal”, a compilation of articles that seek to clarify Covid-19 pandemic’s implications for the marketing function and to provide a perspective on how companies can drive the right set of actions to emerge stronger.

According to the company, “the human tragedy of Covid-19 has upended lives and livelihoods around the world. A generation-defining event, it has also upset the economic order and had a dramatic effect on consumer behavior, from how we work and communicate to how we shop and what we buy. For businesses, these changes are rewriting the rules for years to come and they represent a once-in-a lifetime opportunity for marketers to reset the gameboard.”

The consultancy points out five dimensions that companies can follow to accelerate their recovery and drive growth to the next normal. They are:
– Purpose-led;
– Fast and agile;
– Digital-accelerated;
– Hyperlocal and personalized;
– Self-funded.

Post Covid-19: A Brand Blueprint for the Future by Beyond Research

Company: Beyond Research

Content in: English

Launched in May 2020, Post Covid-19: A Brand Blueprint for the Future is a report developed by Beyond Research in Italy, together with research companies and researchers from 17 other countries, which analyzes the human reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic and provides practical advice on how brands can position themselves now and in the future.

According to the company, the population adopts 4 different ways of facing the moment, based on behavioral archetypes, which are categorized as “The Innocent Victim”, “The Jester”, “The Warrior” or “The Common Man”. And it suggests that brands can position themselves according to the response of their target audience to better meet their needs during the pandemic, providing examples.

The company also suggests a fifth position, “The Springboard” that can be adopted by brands to become more relevant in the post-pandemic scenario.

In addition to the report, Beyond Research held a webinar explaining the material’s main insights.

The Impacts of the Pandemic on Society by Repense

Company: Repense

Content in: Portuguese/ English

The communications agency Repense has just launched the collaborative e-book “Reflections on the Impacts of Pandemic on Society”. Available free of charge in a bilingual edition (Portuguese and English), the book is a portrait of what specialists from different areas are thinking about this turmoil that we are experiencing.

Our COVID future: The Long Crisis scenarios by Local Trust

Company: Local Trust from Long Crisis Network

Content in:: English

COVID-19 has ignited an urgent reassessment of the future. Anyone with a long-term plan has to step back and think again. Local Trust believes there needs to be a structural change in our economy, society and politics, to shift power and control to local communities. Will that happen in the current crisis? Or will the local be squeezed out? These scenarios commissioned by Local Trust from the Long Crisis Network look for signals in the noise. These stories challenge our thinking and help us discover how we can work differently. As thinking about the long term implications for the Big Local programme and other communities, they hope these scenarios will prove useful and help us to strengthen communities in a way that prepares people to thrive, whatever the future holds.